How Much Space Do I Need For Chickens?

One of the questions you should ask yourself when you are first considering raising a backyard flock is "How much space do I really need?"

The answer really depends on what kind of chickens you have, and what they would be happiest with.  The ultimate goal, is to make your chooks happy!

The general consensus states that for your standard sized chicken, you will need 3-4 square feet of floor space INSIDE the coop, and at least 10 square feet of run space (if you are not free ranging them).

You can get away with 2-3 square feet of floor space inside the coop for bantam sized chickens.

It is my understanding that meat birds tend to be on the lazy side, so you can likely get away with less than the 3-4 square feet for them as well, but that will require a whole lot of extra cleaning in my opinion.

Keep in mind, that bigger is not always better.  You need to make sure that there is not too much room inside your coop when winter rolls in, because you want to be able to keep it warm enough for your chooks.

The diagram to the right, is my ideal setup.  It will house 10-12 hens in the main coop, and 2 or 3 roosters in the roo coop.  The main coop may get a little cramped when I separate it for broodies and their babies, but with free access to the chicken yard it shouldn't be too much of an issue.  If it becomes an issue, I can easily add a broody coop :) The brooder pen and brooder room can double as a breeding pen as well when necessary.


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