And Then There Were 5!

Saturday morning, I had 11 chickens in my run, 7 ladies and 4 boys!  I had spent the week deciding which cockerel I was going to dispatch to bring me down to 3 boys, which imo is a nice easy to manage number. of the boys decided to make that decision for me, by pecking my daughter and drawing blood.

So Sunday morning up the road we went with said rooster in a carrier, to have him "taken care of".  This was my first experience with this.  Sure I watched dozens of videos on the process in order to learn, and get over the shock etc....I was ready to take one of my boys, that I raised from a chick, to the slaughter.

The wonderful gentleman that I took him to was an amazing instructor.  He made sure that he explained each step and what I needed to pay close attention to.  He dispatched my boy quickly and humanely.  I can't thank him enough, I really can't!  I do believe the next one, I am going to take up to him, and try to do it myself with his guidance.  Maybe.  LOL

We got home and I went to check on how things were going in the chicken yard with the removal of the tough guy.  All seemed to be going pretty good, everyone was out and about chilling, relaxing, and seemingly happy.  I turned my back to head back into the house, and I hear a crow I have never heard before!  

I turn back around and lo and behold... standing right in front of me, crowing to her heart's content, is one of my pretty girls!!  Or should I now say, one of my handsome boys!   Looking at him now, I wonder how it was that I could have missed the signs!!  Some longer tail feathers, a little curl to some of the saddle feathers, not to mention the wattles that seemingly grew in overnight!  Sigh...

And here I thought I was down to 3 cockerels finally! I was ready to celebrate!!!

So I took a good long look at the rest of my girls, and I think I have identified yet another cockerel in the mix!!  The newly named Bruce's twin "sister" Freyja.  I fear that I will have to name him Freyr soon enough!

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Bruce and Freyja are just trying to confuse me!  Maybe they will start laying eggs in the next couple of days and chanting FOOLED YA FOOLED YA at me from the nesting box!!

Cross your fingers for me!!  I think I am going to need it!!

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