Icelandic Breed Description

Description of the General Characteristics of the Icelandic Chicken Landnámshæna 


  • Small head size relative to body size.  Beak is broad and short and the tip curves downward.  
  • Crests of varying sizes are common.
  • Variety of combs including single comb (straight or lopped), rosecombs, and other combs. 
  • Earlobes are white or cream-colored (light yellow).
  • Cocks have long wattles.  Hen wattles vary in size. 
  • Eyes are yellowish-green, yellowish-brown, or orange. 
  • Short and thick neck. 
  • Compact body with a short back, tapers to the rear.  Dome-shaped breast. 
  • Typical weight for mature hens is 3 to 3 ½ pounds or 1.4 - 1.6 kilos.
  • Mature cocks 4 ½ to 5 ¼ pounds or 2.1 - 2.4 kilos. 
  • Feathering is dense and smooth.
  • Wings are broad and short, tapering back toward the rear. 
  • Tail sits high and is very mobile.  Cocks have long and well-curved sickle feathers. 
  • Color pattern variety is vast.  All colors are permitted.
  • Legs are long and come in many colors. 
  • Hens typically have small spurs.  Cocks have long, upturned spurs. 
  • Foot has four toes.  Back toe is located slightly on the inside of the foot. 
  • Clean shanked.  (Clear of all leg-feathering).  

Behavioral Characteristic

  • Friendly, curious, and independent.  Has a stable temperament. 
  • Hens readily go broody and have strong mothering instincts. 
  • Character and personalities vary between birds.                      
  • Both males and females have good fertility.

Added to the Description by the ERL board in answer to a lot of inquiries!

  • Egg color ivory to light cream.
  • Fully grown hen lays 0,42 eggs per 24 hours.
  • Egg weigh 1,9 oz or 54 gr. average.

The most up to date Breed Description can always be found at the ERL Association's General Description page

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