What came first….the chicken or the egg?

So what came first? The Chicken or the Egg?  

In our house, we have the answer... it is the Chicken of course!

Four Day Old Icelandic Chickens

Four day old Icelandic Chicks


We got our chickens soon after they hatched.  They were adorable, cute, and fuzzy.

They all had personality, and were happy to explore their new home in their brooder in my basement.  They would let me pick them up, pet them, and just sit there and admire them.

Did I mention that they were just plain CUTE?!?!

I love love love baby chicks!

Then they started to grow.  They were still cute when their feathers started coming in, and they were still cute when they grew into that awkward stage between cute and pretty.  

Then all of a sudden one day, they were beautiful!!

But they stopped being cuddly!!  They stopped jumping on my hand when I went to feed them.  I guess they felt they were too grown up for mommy anymore.

But... the chicken definitely came first in my house, not the egg...as a matter of fact, we had not seen an egg yet, even though our chickens were over 5 months old!

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday.  She was so excited to be turning 7 and getting presents and she wanted me home, so I took half the day off of work, and came home around lunch time.

I went out to check on the chickens, to make sure that they had food and water, and were doing alright, and of course for a random egg check.

So I opened the coop by the nesting box, and what do I happen to see inside, but Ginger, panting heavily, laying IN the nesting box!!

I closed the coop up and went in the house to let my daughter know that one of the chickens was working on a very special birthday present for her!  My daughter was very excited!  We had been waiting for over a month for our very first egg, and here it was happening on this already very special day!

Thank you Ginger!!  You are a sweet young lady!  My daughter was so happy to see that you worked so hard to give her a very special birthday present!  You couldn't have chosen a better day to give us our very first egg from our flock!! 

So while, in our house, the chicken definitely came first, we will definitely remember how special our first egg truly is.


Ginger Laying An Egg

Ginger laying her very first egg!


  • The First Egg! Nestled among the plastic eggs.
  • Such a Tiny Egg!

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