Chicken Math & Broody Borrowing

Anyone that has visited any of the chicken related forums, facebook groups, or blogs, has come across the term Chicken Math at least once!

Chicken Math is what happens when you walk into the feed store and find adorable chicks staring back at you from the brooder boxes, and you can’t help bringing one or a dozen home with you.  Or its what happens when you just have to pull that incubator out because you have several dozen eggs on your counter and you “just can’t eat that many” so you might as well hatch them for some cute fluffy time!!

In my case, Chicken Math struck, when I got the wild and crazy idea to “borrow a broody”.  You read that correctly, Borrow a Broody.  I semi-jokingly posted on a local chicken keeping email list, asking if anyone had a broody hen I could sneak some eggs under.  Much to my surprise, I got several replies!  And then, a friend of mine requested to be allowed to try to hatch a few eggs in her brand new incubator.

So…now I have 30 eggs, set across 2 broody hens and 1 incubator.  One broody set is due to hatch around September 26th, the incubated set is due to hatch around October 3, and the 2nd broody set is due to hatch around October 4.


We candled the eggs that are due on the 26th, on Friday night, and out of the 10 eggs that we originally placed under this very gentle young lady, 9 showed signs of life!! The image above is blurry, partly because it was taken at night, partly because it was taken on a cell phone, but mostly because it was taken by my 7 year old daughter who was extremely excited to be seeing what she was seeing!!


This is a development chart, sent to me by a friend in a chicken group, showing the stage of development for each day of the incubation process.  We were amazed to learn that the black circle that we saw moving around in the egg, was in actuality, an EYE and not the brain or the heart!

We will be candling both the first and second broody sets this weekend! The kids are excited to see the progress each set is making.  I love that this has brought out the “scientist” in them, they think this is the best experiment ever!

I can’t wait to see the new little chicks!!! :)


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