Not your average artist, baker, blogger, chicken keeper, couponer, geek, graphic designer, mom, pirate or techie! Not your average anything!

I have always enjoyed animals of all kinds.  It was a very rare period in my life when I lived without one, if not more than half a dozen animals in my care at any given time.  I have had everything from goldfish, cats and dogs, to guinea pigs and rabbits, even to snakes and various lizards and turtles!  Never did I think I would have a flock of chickens!

I stumbled across the concept/idea of a backyard chicken flock in suburbia, when I went to a yard sale a couple blocks away from my house.  My children were invited to go visit the animals in the backyard, then came running back to me excitedly raving about the goat and the sheep and the CHICKENS!!!  I of course had to see this micro-farm for myself!

I decided right then and there, that I must, and I mean MUST have some chickens of my own!!  Not to mention hopefully one day a goat or two LOL

Chooks and Kids

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After a lot of thought and research, I jumped into chicken keeping the same way I jump into everything else, feet first and the rest of me following closely behind!  The phrase go big or go home definitely applies to me!!  I ordered 18 straight run day old chicks to build my flock!  Yes, you read that right... 18.  No I didn't decide to start with 3 or 4, not me, I jumped all the way in!

And I am loving every minute of it!

Where's the Chooks?  Can you find all 16?

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