"Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." - Aesop

Our offering of Hatchlings consist of newly hatched Icelandic chicks and Muscovy ducklings up to 1 week old.  The hatchlings listed below are for sale when available. We offer these as straight run only with no guarantee of gender.  We will do our best to supply you with as much variety (if that is your wish) of colors and patterns as we are able to determine at this young age.

In order to purchase straight run chicks or ducklings, please contact us via the product page to be added to our waiting list.  

For more information on our breeding flock, please view the Icelandic or the Muscovy information pages.

Please contact us if you have any questions via our Contact page.

Thank you.

Icelandic Chickens (Straight Run)

Straight run Icelandic chickens per chick up to 1 week old. Icelandic chickens are a landrace that is under conservation in Iceland and in the United States. Our flock currently consists of the Behl, Sigrid, and Hlesey import lines. Please contact us for further information.

Price : 10

Muscovy Ducks (Straight Run)

Straight run Muscovy ducks per duckling up to 1 week old. Please contact us for further information.

Price : 10

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